Cereal [noun]

Definition of Cereal:

edible grain

Synonyms of Cereal:

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Sentence/Example of Cereal:

This cute BPA-free bowl has a space for up to 15 ounces of milk on one side, and a cup of cereal on the other.

Some of us beeline for the salty chips and others for the sugar-packed cereals.

She plunged her hand into a blue box of 50 or so masks, then two more boxes, like a kid frantically scrounging through cereal boxes for a magic ring.

Quaker used Anderson’s methods to make a variety of cereals and advertised it as “Food Shot From Guns.”

Lucky Charms may not be my cereal of choice, but the whole setup seems rather nice.

It is the chief cereal, and the inhabitants say it originated in Ha-ram, China, nearly five thousand years ago.

Thank God today would see the end, and they could once more have the hot South Polar crisis with their cereal.

I also discovered a cereal very like barley, which I ground up and made into cakes.

She named the cereal which constituted the only crop to which these marsh lands were suitable.

Flour and other cereal foods are sometimes adulterated with some cheap substitutes, as bran or sawdust.