Cerebration [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cerebration:

Mr. Bishop next gave an illustration of the theory of "unconscious cerebration."

I was trying to devise a means of proving that what she wrote was not due to "unconscious cerebration."

Yet the full gusto of a rich joie de vivre palpitates in this incessant cerebration.

Residual currents not sufficient to think this to an end; results of cerebration would be merely human.

Examination immediately undertaken; scientists puzzled because cerebration processes continue to function perfectly.

Thus his chief instinct is cerebration—dreaming, meditating, visualizing, planning.

Some people actually learn to depend on unconscious cerebration.

Emerson describes what science calls "unconscious cerebration."

That unconscious cerebration affects the minds or habits or acts of both parties in every purchase and sale.

Even the most material-minded of men, in the crux of worldly and four-square events, sinks into deep and effective cerebration.