Ceremony [noun]

Definition of Ceremony:

ritual; celebratory observation

Synonyms of Ceremony:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ceremony:

Sentence/Example of Ceremony:

He conducts this ceremony with the greatest solemnity, occasionally pronouncing these incantatory words, "Plate or shell, sah?"

Hedges had to go on his way also, for it was close upon the countess-dowager's dinner-hour, at which ceremony he must attend.

No sooner was the ceremony over than the wicked count ordered her to present herself at the castle.

It is impossible to describe the thrilling effect produced by this striking ceremony.

The captain begged permission to accompany us on shore; this was immediately granted, and the whole ceremony was completed.

The regular Korean man's hat, with its flapping wings, was next put on, and this part of the ceremony was complete.

The ceremony inevitably lacked certain of the traditional accessories that strangely influenced the popular mind.

This edifying ceremony could easily be seen from the square, as the windows are very near the ground, and were also open.

The brilliant ceremony over, the Prince set out for Carlisle, where his army was ordered to be in readiness on July 8.

He had a strong aversion to newspaper men and sent them away without ceremony.