Certitude [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Certitude:

He thought of her; but truth to tell he was too numbed to dwell on her agony, on the certitude of her lifelong captivity.

But it is almost more difficult to identify these Geraints than it is to attain any certitude about King Arthur himself.

With no perceptible movement that I was aware of, Mrs. Jones advertised her certitude of knowledge of what she would have done.

Now he adds that faith is that boldness and that wealth of certitude in so far as they rest upon reality and truth.

The sledge-wielder pours out more strength and certitude and joy in every blow than do you in your whole sheaf of songs.

Suddenly through the baffled perplexity of his eyes broke the light of dawning idea, and he spoke with a greater certitude.

"Just a perfectly little old king," persisted the flapper with dreamy certitude.

But even as he knew that desperate certitude, he was filled with confusion and a panicky uncertainty.

However whether this is true or false, I shall ascertain with certitude by going thither.

There grew, too, a moral certitude that from the ten minutes' lawful rest in each hour at least five minutes was being filched.