Cerulean [adjective]

Definition of Cerulean:

purplish blue

Synonyms of Cerulean:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cerulean:


Sentence/Example of Cerulean:

Blue flashed against blue, the clever handiwork of man and the illimitable cerulean of the sky.

The ragamuffin sat perched upon the broad shoulder and peered down at the lady with eyes of cerulean blue.

Irene opened her beautiful eyes, blue as the cerulean vault above, and smiled languidly at the stranger.

I can see thee now as I saw thee then, with the firelight glowing over thee, like a smile from the cerulean skies!

The great globe of the sky was unblemished and royal in its blueness and its ringing cerulean light.

But meantime my letters are blue because I am blue, and I am a deep cerulean because you are so far off.

Let me know whether you intend to wear one of your cerulean shades.

Similar to No. 766, but breast paler, upperparts less deep, more cerulean.

Above beautiful cerulean blue, throat and breast paler, belly whitish.

The water about us turned a blue that none there had ever seen, so turquoise, so cerulean, so penetrable by the eye!