Chafe [verb]

Definition of Chafe:

rub, grind against

Synonyms of Chafe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chafe:

Sentence/Example of Chafe:

He hurried to the Hotel d'Ettres; but the scenes of careless gaiety he saw there, seemed only to chafe his mind.

Turner being in a great chafe, about being disappointed of a room to stand in at the Coronacion.

There was a pitcher of water handy, and I sprinkled her face and began to chafe her cold hands.

Planks, secured to the rail by lines, were then run down to bear the chafe.

It is surely better to submit cheerfully to a hard lot, than to chafe and fret one's life away at what can not be helped.

In vain did the soldiers chafe at this new check upon their enthusiasm, in vain did prudent counsellors remonstrate.

And though they might chafe, still the capitalists never neglected to make the best of the situation.

Then, feeling the cold begin to creep in upon him in the stillness, Kane had to lift his thick-gloved hands to chafe his ears.

Men will resist, and, when resistance is vain, will chafe against its terrible strength.

The young Imperator's heart began to chafe under the curb and to beat more quickly, his cheeks flushed and paled by turns.