Chafed [verb]

Definition of Chafed:

rub, grind against

Synonyms of Chafed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chafed:

Sentence/Example of Chafed:

On these occasions he was sterner than usual with Eudora, who chafed under the firm rein held upon her, and longed to be free.

They chafed his hands, and continued bathing his temples, keeping his head up, till he gave signs of returning animation.

She learned to imitate Charley, in curbing his impetuosity; and he chafed less at her soft touch upon the rein.

In these channels the waters have chafed, ground, abraded, eroded for centuries which man cannot number.

I chafed secretly against this life of tranquil appreciations more and more.

They had chafed all the morning, and longed for an opportunity to avenge the death of their gallant comrades.

The young people chafed, and, finding Billy Knapp either imperturbable or thick-skinned, they turned their attention to Alfred.

Nelson winced and chafed under the double rebuke, but he was not in a condition to see clearly any beams in his own eye.

She poured the brandy into the palm of her hand, and chafed his temples and forehead.

Either the starch or bran bath may be tried, while olive oil should be frequently and lightly rubbed over the chafed part.