Chaff [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chaff:

If Apple follows through, iOS14 will be a test of marketers’ and advertisers’ mettle, and will likely separate the wheat from the chaff.

Even if poverty were gone, the flail could still beat hard enough upon the grain and chaff of humanity.

Though the amount played for is serious, a good deal of rather bald conversation and chaff goes on.

Don't chaff, Shirtings; you're a very good fellow, you know, but I'm not in a laughing humour.

I'm told that the old men when they were together would chaff each other about their children.

The soft easy chaff bed gave her more of rest and satisfaction than if it had been eiderdown.

Over the good things at our corner table we did a little threshing on our own account—and got a lot more chaff and no grain.

In order to determine the guilty person, much chaff would have to be sifted from the wheat of truth.

Bassett winnowed these carefully, brushing the chaff into his wastebasket and retaining a few kernels for later use.

The cowardly assailants of the princess thy daughter fell before us like chaff before the fire.