Chaffer [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Chaffer:

We do not bargain and chaffer over our feelings, Hester and I. Surely you mistake, and stir storms in teacups.

Sir William kept calling Aaron into the chaffer at the other end of the table: and Aaron kept on refusing to join.

The Liath Macha was grey to whiteness, the other horse was black and glistening like the bright mail of the chaffer.

Thou would not want me to chaffer with old women about geese-feathers and bird-eggs.

Now take block plane and chaffer off each side an inch or more up and round it off.

It seemed such a prodigious waste of time and energy to traffic and chaffer with these petty scoundrels.

Be first in acting.Prig; to chaffer or higgle about a thing.

And the Sicilian is too grave and dignified to chaffer or to make himself cheap or dear.

Then began a four hours chaffer which resulted in the desired treaty.

He did not one bit want to chaffer gallantries with the young women.