Chagrined [verb]

Definition of Chagrined:

cause displeasure

Synonyms of Chagrined:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chagrined:

Sentence/Example of Chagrined:

We were naturally enough much chagrined, not knowing how much inconvenience and delay this incident might cause.

But he was feeling deeply chagrined and mortified over his last escapade.

Jacinth, though she said nothing, was feeling very chagrined indeed, and not a little bitter.

Yet when the vehicle drew up he was sensibly chagrined to recognise the port-wine cabman of the night before.

The Rebels, in hot pursuit, come down to the other bank, mortified and chagrined and enraged at his escape.

"Perhaps she thought the incident too trifling," suggested Edgar, a little chagrined.

Marlborough was much chagrined at being interrupted in his meditated decisive operations by the States-General, on this occasion.

Delray mopped his face with a handkerchief and looked excited, and curious, and a little bit chagrined.

In comparing notes with my Philosopher I am chagrined at my own color-blindness.

Count Brandenburg met with so haughty a reception that he returned chagrined, and, falling ill, died soon afterward.