Chains [noun]

Definition of Chains:

succession, series

Synonyms of Chains:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chains:

Sentence/Example of Chains:

They are ovoid in shape, and lie in pairs, end to end, often forming short chains.

There are no chains to my prison, no steel cuffs to gall the limbs, no guards to threaten and cow me.

It was encircled by a ditch, but the drawbridge was down, and the rust on its chains argued that long had it been so.

These bacilli (Fig. 89) are large (5 to 10 long), non-motile, and usually arranged end to end in chains.

Streptococci are arranged side by side, forming chains of variable length (Fig. 114).

When they form short chains, demonstration of the capsule is necessary to distinguish them from streptococci.

They 'ung 'im in the lamp chains right hover the dinin' table, and then finished the dessert.

The prophet sends chains to divers kings, signifying that they must bend their necks under the yoke of the king of Babylon.

One is reproduced here, chiefly with the object of showing the pleasing roadside humour of hanging criminals in chains.

Gold chains for the neck and arms, and gold ear-rings, with a flower in the hair, complete a Pernambucan woman's dress.