Chairing [verb]

Definition of Chairing:

mediate, arbitrate

Synonyms of Chairing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chairing:

Sentence/Example of Chairing:

Perhaps, however, it is quite as well that we have got rid of the chairing and the humour—Heaven help us!

On the publication of this intelligence, the ancient ceremony of chairing went on with more than usual vigour.

There was one—a monstrous ugly fellow—who, preparatory to his chairing, was left to lean against a column.

He did not join in the fierce acclamation; he did not wait to see the chairing of Bobby and Trigson.

The chairing took place on the day following the declaration of the poll.

I goes washing, I goes chairing, I goes ironing; nothing comes amiss to me, and I manages to keep the wolf from the door.

He and Hobhouse once started on their “chairing” from the house at the corner of Sloane Street.

Proctors bull-dogs were rolled over in the mud, and the proctors treated to the dignity of a chairing.

Now the gatherings have been deprived of some of their most characteristic features; and even the chairing is almost forgotten.

This picture had evidently seen service as "a chairing" in some English book.