Chaises [noun]

Definition of Chaises:

furniture for sleeping

Synonyms of Chaises:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chaises:


Sentence/Example of Chaises:

The first interment in the cemetery of Pere la Chaise; it was laid out and prepared by order of Bonaparte.

I shall have to drive past Old Place in fathers chaise with one horse, and I hate to drive with one horse!

When I was first acting as post-boy my chaise got overturned, but on the whole I have been pretty fortunate.

As Dr. Sitgreaves supported her from the chaise, she turned an expressive look at the face of the practitioner.

I only want formally to report myself before taking post-chaise to London.

The morning came, the chaise was brought, but yet was not allowed To drive up to the door, lest all should say that she was proud.

At four o'clock, two days later, the post-chaise drove up to the principal hotel at Yeovil.

Harland readily consented, and a chaise was prepared, in which they departed, in less than an hour after Sir Henry.

I have had the coffin that we laid in Père la Chaise exhumed and opened.

Let us leave the chaise for the present,” said I; “we can be of no use to it.