Chalets [noun]

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His locations have had to use creative Covid-driven workarounds just to bring in even a fraction of the typical sales, including glass-walled chalets on the sidewalk to give diners an indoor feel outdoors.

So, the 47-year-old, along with his wife and their three children, left a pandemic-stricken Paris for the relative isolation of France’s Haute-Savoie region, where the family owns an early-1800s chalet.

All I wanted to do was return to the chalet and find Heidi, apron on, blond hair tied into her signature fun bun, telling us to dig in.

It was little more than a few rows of planks, with a chalet at one end—but a very welcome sight confronted him.

Laughing, Franz ran forward and arrived at the goat pen just in time to meet the Widow Geiser, who came from her chalet.

On the evening of the first day's search they put up at a saeter or mountain chalet.

She went to sleep dreaming of the "Chalet of the West Wind," and in the morning something throbbed in her pulses.

She walked before me into the living-room of the chalet, and I saw that she gripped her riding-whip very tightly in her hand.

None of these things had she ever seen; nothing of what we saw every day from the windows of the chalet.

A chalet supplied them with fresh milk, and the inn of a village on a perch with the midday meal.