Chalky [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Chalky:

The corporal, rather chalky-looking under his tan, stepped forward and laid a hand on MacRae's shoulder.

The outskirts of the town were coming in sight; grey houses bleakly climbing chalky heights.

Navvies, all white with that chalky whiteness of dried bones, were passing by, carrying their tools and wallets.

Observe ye not yon chalky precipice, to the right of the Norman bridge?

They abound on the chalky downs and in some sandy districts, but not in the clays.

This was about six feet deep and three feet wide, the bottom and sides of white, chalky soil.

I went up a chalky road, until I had a good outlook over the place.

Springs, abundant and warm, bubble up through the chalky marls, and take the same direction.

His domain abounded in those bright chalky streams which the trout love.

The hand which Mr. Spence had extended dropped to his side, and his sand-coloured face grew chalky.