Challenged [verb]

Definition of Challenged:

dispute, question

Opposite/Antonyms of Challenged:

Sentence/Example of Challenged:

The current state of policies around micromobility is a very challenged environment.

It would make a sensation, he thought; there was more than one generally accepted theory he had challenged or contradicted in it.

It was quite expected that his progress would be challenged, hence the warlike preparations.

In the midst of a torrent of invectives from every quarter, the military were challenged to fire.

Voting must be performed carefully because a defaced, improperly marked ballot may be challenged and thrown out.

Getting close to the kopje, he saw a number of the enemy slinking off, and at once challenged them.

Every time one of her boats rowed past the xebec it would be challenged and ugly things said.

The motion was seconded by Mr. Fitzroy, member for Lewes, who warmly challenged inquiry into his conduct.

A walk of a hundred yards brought him again in sight of the three men, who now noticed and challenged him.

With an outburst of human tenderness he challenged the cold and darkness, not of winter alone, but of the grave itself.