Challengers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Challengers:

Anneslie, the knight, was the complainant and the challenger.

The challenger pronounced his vow with a firm and manly voice, and a bold and cheerful countenance.

To this altar the challenger and defender were successively brought forward, conducted by their respective sponsors.

Even the great Challenger expedition had scarcely touched upon it; and so our Expedition had a splendid field for investigation.

The challenger saw his adversary coming, and he hurried forward without a pause.

When the monarch saw that the challenger was in earnest, he took up his position in front of his herd.

He saw the challenger standing upon the highest point of Smoky Hill.

Things are quiet, so friend Challenger sees a chance to set the public talking about him.

I declare to you, Challenger, that I never wish to hear of football or of buffaloes so long as I live.

"You should drop all work instantly, Challenger, and take three months in a German watering-place," said he.