Challenges [noun]

Definition of Challenges:

dispute, question

Synonyms of Challenges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Challenges:

Sentence/Example of Challenges:

For every detail is so marvellously symmetrical that no one is dwarfed, no one challenges special attention.

And yet, the acknowledged state of things here is a grave fact which challenges inquiry and demands explanation.

No man opens his ware with greater seriousness, or challenges your judgment more in the operation.

I could observe groups and clusters of coloured coral and madrepore-stone, whose magnificence challenges all description.

Calendau, after witnessing the lascivious dances, challenges the Count to mortal combat.

All the world is shut out from this, while in the former he challenges the world by the comparison.

The communiers, at least a majority of them, felt themselves strong enough to despise the challenges to riot.

That he goes by another name, but do not disguise himself, nor deny himself to any man that challenges him.

Still, this is by no means a complete solution of the problem which again and again presents itself and challenges our ingenuity.

Trumpets are sounded and Edgar enters with a vizor concealing his face, and, without giving his name, challenges Edmund.