Chamfered [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Chamfered:

The whole is on a vertically lined panel chamfered at the top, bottom and sides.

The end grain is usually protected by nailing on a strip of timber, chamfered on both edges.

She took him to a little chamfered doorway in the corner, which opened into a descending turret; and Somerset went down.

They are formed entirely of stones chamfered and weathered to a flat pitch, and lapping slightly over each other.

The tops and bottoms of the posts should have their edges slightly chamfered to prevent their slivering.

The four legs are finished on all sides and chamfered at the bottom to prevent the corners from splitting.

The best head for this purpose is a cupped head with chamfered edges, as shown at Fig. 34 in vertical section.

The face, between the lines a a, is polished dead flat, and the chamfered edge a c finished a trifle convex.

The arcade has two chamfered arches, on low cylindrical piers.

A weird building beside the bridge on the Devonshire side, with two of its angles chamfered off, is an old toll-house.