Champ [verb]

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The defending champs raced out of the starting gates, executing a fairly significant rotation overhaul with remarkable precision.

There will be a Big 12 champ, and it will play in a New Year’s Six bowl, but there’s little reason for playoff tea leaf readers to fret about the league over the next four weeks.

The Dodgers are not only the new champs, but they have the No.

On top of looking dashing, it also moved like a champ, due to the brilliant construction of polyester, elastane, and nylon.

The best bet is that we’re going back to the future, and value will repeat as champ.

Ils travaillaient dans le champ, voisin du bois, je suis all les voir tandis que vous marchiez en avant.

With the Champ de Mars I was to become unpleasantly acquainted eight years subsequently.

I think you'll have a whole vaudeville show at Champ-au-Haut for the rest of your days—and gratis.

In passing Champ-au-Haut, he looked up at the house; here and there a light shone behind drawn shades.

His mother never mentioned the matter to him; indeed, she shunned all mention, when possible, of Champ-au-Haut and its owner.