Champions [noun]

Definition of Champions:

defeater in competition; preeminent supporter

Synonyms of Champions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Champions:

Sentence/Example of Champions:

The great champions of the national cause were the first two, who stoutly opposed Nozaledaʼs schemes.

There were few afternoons when a ring of spectators did not surround the table, breathlessly watching the champions.

The prelate rose, held on high a brazen crucifix, at which both champions made the sign of the cross with their lance points.

Now is the time for the true champions of Samoa to stand forth.

In these circumstances we cannot wonder that the old companies found many champions.

Great political truths had been established the champions of liberty had been successful in a fearful and perilous conflict.

The loud champions of the freedom of conscience, they allowed no freedom which interfered with their narrow views.

The University began to consider him one of her first champions, and he was soon promoted to the mastership of Baliol College.

When such champions are paid by a state to uphold the honour of their country, to avoid a challenge by evasion is dishonesty.

Was it in the tented field With crash of sword on shield, While backward meaner champions reeled And loud the tom-tom pealed?