Chancellor [noun]

Definition of Chancellor:

person who arbitrates

Opposite/Antonyms of Chancellor:


Sentence/Example of Chancellor:

He passed through all the honors of the law, and in 1836 became lord chancellor.

The chief official of the court is called a chancellor, the others vice chancellors.

The prime-minister, the chancellor of the exchequer, two other members of the cabinet, and an ambassador were his companions.

Hubert, archbishop of Canterbury, made lord chancellor in consideration of his services in crowning king John.

The Chancellor stopped him as he left the King's presence, telling him he should show more reserve and pick his words.

This is still the attitude of one who receives a degree at Cambridge from the Vice-chancellor.

John Ball, in order to be chancellor under Wat Tyler, gave his followers a sermon.

With these suggestions the Chancellor sent off the powers which the King wanted.

When the King showed his speech to the Chancellor, that wise minister forgot for a moment his habitual self-command.

Even the Chancellor, with whom Montague was on terms of intimate friendship, had not been consulted.