Chances [noun]

Definition of Chances:

possibility, probability

Synonyms of Chances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chances:

Sentence/Example of Chances:

He realized, as his mother had realized a little while before, that in Garnache they had an opponent who took no chances.

Adequate, of course; no sense in taking chances with lives that cost so much fuel to bring here.

He was never so happy as when taking chances; his whole life was a gamble, with Providence holding the bank.

The chances of success must also greatly depend upon the kind of soil on which it is used.

This she had the wit to detect, as well as the incontrovertible fact that her youth and her chances were gone.

Sea and sky must be observed before we can know the laws by which their great changes or chances are regulated.

It was foolish to look, but I had told her to slip her note under the door, if she did send it, and I was taking no chances.

"We'll be settin' right in the depot waitin' for it," said Mandy, who declined to take chances.

If she should marry a man she simply likes, her chances for happiness would be normal.

He recognised the fact that the world was populated by fools, and he determined to make the most of his chances.