Chandelier [noun]

Definition of Chandelier:

light hanging from ceiling

Synonyms of Chandelier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chandelier:


Sentence/Example of Chandelier:

He went out to light at the coach lamps a seven-candle chandelier, with which he came back.

It was brilliantly lighted, as well by patent lamps, as by a chandelier in the middle.

It seemed to Eric that the amethysts on the Medici boots winked wickedly in the light of the big chandelier.

So when the three servants came, nothing was there but a church, with a chandelier in it.

Said Lina: 'Then do you become a church, and I'll be the chandelier in it.'

The principal object in it, at night, was the electric chandelier, which would have been adequate for a lighthouse.

The splendid chandelier of Venetian glass is the sole reminder of a previous reign.

She was working by the light of a single lamp on the table, the splendid chandelier being out of action.

She struck up his hand, and the contents of the pistol shivered the glasses of a chandelier that hung in the room.

One cannot light one's cigarette by twisting a hundred-pound bank-note and sticking it into an electric chandelier.