Changed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Changed:

Then Paterno adroitly brought matters to a crisis in a bold peroration which changed the whole scene.

It had been many a moon since we took different roads, but MacRae hadn't changed that I could see.

Sympathising with its desires, Benjy changed his posture, and managed just to touch the nose of his enemy.

Then my luck changed and I found myself under one of the very greatest teachers of his time, Professor Huxley.

"There is a bridge up yonder, monsieur," returned the servant, thankful to have the conversation changed.

Since his return from Vienna, his manner to them, and to society at large, was completely changed.

Meyer Isaacson said nothing; and, after a silence that was awkward, Nigel changed the conversation, and not long after went away.

But this did not last very long, for the weather suddenly changed, and rain fell in immense quantities.

The Spanish men-of-war, which were always painted white, had their colour changed to dark grey like the American ships.

Then, his hand resting on the handle of the cab-door, this expression suddenly changed to one of alert suspicion.