Changer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Changer:

Quand ils ont est six semaines en vn lieu il faut changer de demeure.

It requires another head than mine to veer round so often (changer si souvent de systame).

I do not like this last author, this Abarbenel, the worse for having been a money-changer.

"Maybe he's a shape-changer," the Professor's Coltish Daughter said in a burst of evil fantasy.

Martin went to the den of the money-changer sullenly, and came back with fresh supplies.

While we were waiting for the money-changer, two Miridite women came in.

As selection is the race-changer, we must replace the selection of the microbe by the selection of human forethought.

They are convenient, but one must get rid of them before leaving the country or else sell them to a money changer at a discount.

The pole changer was redesigned after the beginning of the great spread of telephony in the United States in 1893.

Formuler des idées générales, c'est changer le salpêtre en poudre.