Channeling [verb]

Definition of Channeling:

direct, guide

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Sentence/Example of Channeling:

The first success at channeling this nuclear power in a nonbomb device had been accomplished in England in 1958.

On road work, plowing and sprinkling are estimated per unit-area; and in quarry work, channeling is so estimated.

It is also occasionally used to signify channeling or grooving.

One of these (Fig. 7) indicates the cost of channeling rock.

The change in the channeling of public investment funds was introduced in the hope of increasing the effectiveness of their use.

In stone quarrying, jet spalling and channeling are proven techniques.

In a quarry, this seam, unless a natural one, should be made by a channeling machine.

The two go side by side, and an intelligent use of the new system in most quarries requires a channeling machine.

The popular idea that the system is antagonistic to the channeling process is a mistaken one.

In the excavation below, the channeling machine was gouging out a trench for the heel of the dam.