Chanting [verb]

Definition of Chanting:

sing simple song or song part

Synonyms of Chanting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chanting:


Sentence/Example of Chanting:

At the end, amidst torches and incense and solemn chanting, the Host is exhibited for the adoration of the crowd.

Then the chanting clerics sang again, and advanced more boldly.

The chanting must have been much like the sing-song that some people fall into when reading verses now.

They followed gayly after their leader, talking, and laughing and chanting their war songs.

Outside was a rude altar made of stones from the river-bed, where a Lama was burning incense and chanting prayers.

It was the voice of Lizette, chanting the death song of the Sioux.

They love me like the rest, because I am so happy, and never cease my chanting.

He has taken the service-book of James Freeman Clarke, and, between reading and chanting, devised a matin service of great beauty.

As when rich chanting ceases suddenly—And the rapt sense collapses!

The actors begin in a chanting way: "Good evening, my good people, do you know what Purim means?"