Chants [noun]

Definition of Chants:

chorus of song

Synonyms of Chants:

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Sentence/Example of Chants:

The heaving bodies, the smashed glass, the chants, the rants — all of those are the easily identifiable markers of civil unrest that we see when CNN covers Belarus, or apparently, Washington.

If he were in the familiar, comfortable confines of the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas, the cheers and chants would have made complete sense.

Wall smiled and wiggled his shoulders in celebration before stepping to the free throw line and completing the four-point play as chants of “M-V-P” rang down from the crowd.

When a building manager attempted to explain the limit, the crowd shouted him down with chants of “Let us in!”

In another video, the moms sang a common protest chant to the tune of an old lullaby, crooning, “Hands up, please don’t shoot me,” while facing down police in riot gear.

L'Occision des chiens est accoste de la tabagie et de ce qui suyt la tabagie, du chant et des danses.

Hence also the word was particularly used to signify any complaint or lament, or a chant at the burial-service.

Without pausing in his chant—it happened to be one of triumph—without even looking at her, the leader indicated an empty chair.

The pathos of the chant almost made his listener shrink, so immediate and searching was it.

As for sounds, the silence was unbroken save by the chant of the telegraph wires and the crying of the plovers on the waste.