Chaos [noun]

Definition of Chaos:

utter confusion

Synonyms of Chaos:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chaos:

Sentence/Example of Chaos:

There's Madame Ratignolle; because she keeps up her music, she doesn't let everything else go to chaos.

Take all the little fishergirls away from Paris—from the Quartier Latin—and you would find chaos and a morgue!

On coming into London, we found the streets in a condition of chaos, owing to repairs in the pavement.

The combined forces of Sheridan and Wright attacked the troops of Early and drove them from the area in great chaos.

I had to make, of course, another expedition to Jaffery's chambers, in order to restore to order the chaos that Doria had made.

The Olympian deities could not be conceived of as able or willing to exist in such a hideous chaos.

It is "chaos come again," but chaos, withal, with such lightning flashes of real genius as compel us to look into it.

She scooped out the bottom of the harbour and laid it on top, and turned somersets through the middle of chaos.

Some one with an oath whacked me over the head with a sabre, my horse stumbled in the darkness, and down I went into chaos.

Chaos is theirs, in which to wreak their mysterious vengeance: the den of the winds is more monstrous than that of lions.