Chapeaux [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Chapeaux:

I was struck by the bishop's dress, for it was the first time I had seen the black knickerbockers and the three-cornered chapeau.

They wore a sword, carried a chapeau under the arm, wore laces and frills, and coats with cuffs heavy with gold lace.

The coat and chapeau belonged to General Dodge, an important leader in the war.

He certainly wore no chapeau, and his coat was not in the least la militaire, for it was a dusky brown frock.

There seemed no alternative, and the poor man bestowed the contraband laces in his chapeau.

Du Maurier's drawings left no doubt as to the identity, for in one Whistler wears the chapeau bizarre over his curls.

I will only pound the watch in my mortar--burn the mouchoir in my lamp, and make a pudding in the chapeau.

Three are in the Louvre, one is over the painter's tomb, one is the famous Chapeau de Paille, and the other is before us.

Te rappelles‑tu l'habit neuf de Berquin, et son chapeau haute‑forme?

The Lunden family had christened the original "Chapeau de Paille," and the present picture has ever since retained the same title.