Chaperoned [verb]

Definition of Chaperoned:

accompany for supervision

Synonyms of Chaperoned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chaperoned:

Sentence/Example of Chaperoned:

One Sunday a group of working men and girls went nutting, being duly and properly chaperoned.

The girls sat on one side of the hall, chaperoned by their mothers or some old duennas, and the men on the other.

A young teacher chaperoned this little company, of which Judith Blount was one.

Miss Bladon, chaperoned by Lady Forsyth, would spend the winter abroad.

I have not chaperoned a girl for some years, but no doubt I could make you have a very nice time.

Mrs. Churchill took Ella to the opera, and Mrs. Wynkar chaperoned Josephine to matines and weddings.

She may be courted and she need not be chaperoned, nor yet forced to accept.

In fact, if George had only known it, he was bi-chaperoned—if that is the way to put it—for there was me too.

Chaperoned by nuns, they came to the dock half-shyly, half-boldly.

Swift was the incumbent of this parish in 1699, and Stella, chaperoned by Mrs. Dingley, was quartered here in lodgings.