Chaplain [noun]

Definition of Chaplain:

minister in church

Synonyms of Chaplain:

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Sentence/Example of Chaplain:

The Padre Jose, who is the chaplain, is also the overseer of the estate; a combination of offices that I find is usual here.

Now the Chaplain pauses: he is comparing the number of the wooden block hanging outside the cell with that on the letter.

Past the tier of vacant cells, we ascend the stairway to the upper rotunda, on the left side of which is the Chaplain's office.

There are so many letters here—I'll slip among them into the large pocket—the Chaplain will not notice me.

The third, a young man, was confined for having volunteered as chaplain in a Union regiment.

With a glow of emotion I think of the Chaplain: perhaps at the very moment your letter is in his hands.

He received the spiritual consolations of the chaplain, who was fortunately acquainted with the French language.

As there was no chaplain, she read and preached to the inmates herself, and devised means of obtaining employment for them.

Then he picked up his silver-trimmed dress swagger-stick and marched out into the main office to meet the chaplain, and his wife.

The Rev. Mr. Hollingsworth writes that it is an error to suppose that Young remained long as chaplain to merchants abroad.