Chaplet [noun]

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“Chaplet”—a wreath or garland signed for by him in his ambitious hopes—expresses his birth-date by Con.

Here it seems to mean a gold-embroidered band, worn as a chaplet.

And so she twines together the white flowers, the yellow flowers, and the red flowers, into a chaplet.

You have found out already that you are only looking at a chaplet of cameos, with just enough of story to string them together.

In the meantime the Princess Periezade, several times a day after her brother's departure, counted her chaplet.

The chaplet of bay-leaves or laurel doubtless indicates "Victory."

Anadem, an′a-dem, n. a band or fillet bound round the head: a wreath or chaplet of flowers.

Mac was still the favourite; the champion chaplet was not thus hastily to be plucked from his hitherto victorious brows.

Ilaria came towards the grotto, trailing her draperies, her brow troubled and sad beneath the gay chaplet.

Then, straightening up, she lifted her arms and held the chaplet of moss over my head,—symbol of the chief's antlers.