Chaps [noun]

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We never keep ony thing o' value in the house, to tempt them sort o' chaps, wi' a bank so near.

Few of the useful contrivances had been invented yet, and almost any one of these chaps might be a genius.

"There's some of thae chaps'll fairly enjoy this," said Davie, nodding in the direction of some of the delegates.

His winders looked right opsit Newgit, and many and many dozen chaps has he seen hanging there.

After breakfast we all laid off and talked, and the first thing that come out was that these chaps didn't know one another.

“My, but you chaps have elegant quarters down here,” exclaimed Tom.

I look up with a grin and ready to answer anything they ask, these chaps who labour hard and must play the same way.

Mackie, both at the college and elsewhere, was one of these blatantly popular chaps, and I myself didn't like him.

Why, home, I suppose; you chaps make your money out of us, but you all run home to spend it.

The Joker got the best bed, as good-humoured, good-natured chaps generally do, without seeming to try for it.