Char [verb]

Definition of Char:

scorch, sear

Synonyms of Char:

Opposite/Antonyms of Char:


Sentence/Example of Char:

A nice char on the vegetables will get deeper flavor in your stock.

For a moment, things appear to be going well … and then Walker reaches into his bag and chars your ankles as Williams flips the screen and creates a wide open free-throw-line jumper.

These cigars rarely "char" in burning; certainly not, if made of good quality of tobacco and thoroughly sweat.

There was a passion to her kiss that he had never felt before, a rising tide of flame that threatened to char him.

The party finally mounted the char-a-bancs, just as I was about to offer the baby for twenty-five pounds, and dirt cheap at that.

She stared, surprised; but Char still kept the door until his master showed himself in the lighted aperture.

Later Char went off in the car again, though it poured with rain, and was gone until late at night.

"It's all right," Char answered, somewhat sullenly, yet with a certain reluctant respect.

He did not go back to the house, after his short talk with Char, until after he had heard the stable clock strike four.

"Char" had been the man to whom fell the honour of bestowing the punishment, and leaving a missive from the princess's rescuer.