Characterizes [verb]

Definition of Characterizes:

typify, distinguish

Synonyms of Characterizes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Characterizes:

Sentence/Example of Characterizes:

Although of various qualities, they possess the distinctive flavor which characterizes all tobacco used for this purpose.

I agreed in the observation which exactly characterizes the scenery.

This is another means of indulging that general disposition to gallantry which characterizes a Frenchwoman.

Below the dam activity of many kinds characterizes the Nile, as does the sound of rushing water the Cataract basin.

They indicate the enormous waste of forces which characterizes nations in their progress.

This passage fully characterizes Dick's activity, which lasted from the fifties until his death, in 1893.

This does not mean national idiosyncrasy, but is a word which characterizes that idiosyncrasy.

It is this which characterizes it, and it is this also which compromises it in the eyes of a good many folks.

His parents were good, honest people, filled with that simple piety which characterizes the true French peasant.

It was a marvelous work, and the good part is the activity that characterizes each member.