Characters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Characters:

A few characters’ names have been updated, and a few details rearranged.

Morgan, who died in 2014, liked to say that San Diego is a “stumblebum with character.”

One thing that was always present at these extravaganzas was the “character visit.”

The premiere included a conversation between the main characters of the documentary and moderator LeVar Burton.

Adding value and being helpful doesn’t require a set number of words or characters.

We all experience stress, and, for the most part, stress exposure allows a person to build character and resiliency.

Two groups that have the same character table with real-number representations might have different character tables with modular representations, allowing you to tell them apart.

First, don’t make your title tags longer than 60-70 characters.

When you show people little graphic images, like little nonsense characters, the more they see something, the more they like it.

They also make more movies starring a female character than not.