Charade [noun]

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Other options include Jackbox, a popular virtual party game in which players sign in to an app to play games reminiscent of charades or Pictionary.

The vaudeville veteran sees right through this charade of benighted widowhood, peeling back the veneer to reveal the specimen of ruthless ambition beneath.

But I know what it is, I'm in love—that confounded Charade put me up to that dodge.

He looked on hopelessly, as you look at a charade of which you have not got the key.

Indeed, the Far Eastern state of things is a kind of charade on the word; for humanity there is singularly uniform.

The last charade party had not been held in their parlors, they congratulated themselves.

The Charade is of recent birth, and I cannot discover the origin of this species of logogriphes.

Migwan looked at it and said, “What charade does it make you think of?”

Let us have a charade—you said you had found one in an old book that you would give us.

They were eagerly discussing the charade, and when Evelyn arrived she was welcomed.