Charcoal [adjective]

Definition of Charcoal:

dark, inky

Synonyms of Charcoal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Charcoal:

Sentence/Example of Charcoal:

Approaching a native hut to ask for a piece of charcoal wherewith to light a cigar, he happened to look inside.

Aconite … night boat … sea sick … emetics … exhaustion … stimulants … hard drinking … spontaneous combustion … animal charcoal.

For twenty minutes his hand never falters, then the charcoal drops from his nerveless fingers!

As in a trance he crosses the room, seizes charcoal, and feverishly works at the blank canvas on the easel.

I pointed through the woods to a bit of clearing made by a charcoal burner.

The charcoal drops, and the prisoner, passing his hand across his eyes, gazes bewildered at his own work.

As in a trance he crosses the cell, seizes a piece of charcoal, and feverishly works at the picture on the easel!

The Avocat for the defence obtains for the prisoner a slight concession; he may have picture and charcoal in his cell.

When the phosphates only are of use, burnt bones or the spent animal charcoal of the sugar refiners are to be preferred.

It is sometimes mixed with lime or gypsum, and dried with heat, and sometimes with animal charcoal or peat charcoal.