Chargeable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Chargeable:

Man by nature is degraded, because he is chargeable with original and actual sin, and because he wills not to obey God.

The saddest fault he is chargeable with, his abandonment of Angela, has been already committed.

In the broadest interpretation, sales costs include every expense properly chargeable to the sale of goods.

The expression “contributory place” means a place other than a parish chargeable with special expenses.

I am not a man that would be chargeable or a dishonour to those who nominated me to my employment.

Am I to be called upon to worship a set of wretches chargeable with all the crimes and vices to be found on earth?

Friedrich is chargeable with nothing, except perhaps (what Moritz knows the evil of) trying for a short-cut!

These minutes he employed in upbraiding me for crimes and intentions with which I am by no means chargeable.

I have always longed to give several years to God's service, without being chargeable to any one.

I now come to show that political society is justly chargeable with much the greatest part of this destruction of the species.