Charges [noun]

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The charges in general are quite reasonable, though I have paid one or two absurd bills.

Louis was too much appalled by the two leading charges, to shew any surprise at the third.

I will give you an example of the charges in this country:—for the carriage of my little luggage to my lodgings I had to pay 10s.

And not until the secretary arose to call the various charges and who had been sent thither, did he know where he was to go.

In addition to the tolls and charges, the Acts usually contained a rough classification of goods to which they applied.

New proposals regarding telephone charges are expected as soon as the Select Committee has reported.

I tell you, charges ought to be preferred against those four men who so basely deserted you.

But all his dying68 advice and solemn charges the Prince eventually disregarded.

The service is practically the same, but the ratio of charges is from two to three times higher in the coffee room.

At Aspern and Essling the cavalry of the Guard and the reserve cavalry covered themselves with glory by their dashing charges.