Charging [verb]

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Mark Scialabba, the club’s assistant general manager in charge of player development, recently praised Fuentes’s ability to pound the zone with his sinker, slider and change-up.

They are not allowed to require a child to work to repay his or his family’s debt, or charge for room and board.

Braddy’s criminal record goes back to at least 2001, when he was arrested on a marijuana dealing charge, according to Florida court records.

The district board is also in charge of running the public power company that delivers electricity to Imperial Valley and the eastern half of Coachella Valley.

When it comes to agency combinations, WPP CEO Mark Read has led the charge.

Serrano worked in Gloria’s Council and Assembly offices, and Gloria said he’d be in charge of the administration’s media and communications efforts.

That means its value will be amortized over time, and any significant fall in the value of Ether or Bitcoin will result in Faculty taking an impairment charge.

It has brought charges against those who cross at unauthorized entry points and used such violations as grounds to deport them before any processing can begin or be completed.

Several remaining lawmakers are also facing criminal charges related to various protests against the government, including seven charged in recent months with participating in a May scuffle at the Legislative Council.

Still, the company has attempted to charge him $229 in rental fees on a weekly basis since the incident and had been unresponsive to his repeated requests to eliminate the charges because the car is no longer in his possession.