Charitably [adverb]

Definition of Charitably:


Opposite/Antonyms of Charitably:

Sentence/Example of Charitably:

Meanwhile the American strong-minded female understood herself, it is to be charitably hoped, but understood herself alone.

No minister in Preston, with similar means, is more charitably disposed than Mr. Wood.

I think so because I am the only sect that knows how to employ it gently, kindly, charitably, dispassionately.

There the tea-cosies and pen-wipers will be once more charitably sold.

But the poor man, through his sufferings, had much merit, and charitably and willingly shared his abundant fruit with them.

But no man more charitably and diligently sought to understand others, and to be just to what was obscure and foreign to him.

You see, we are getting a great deal of pleasure, but we are not working, as you seem charitably to imagine.

As I shall not see these paged sheets again, will you charitably assure me that the alterations are safely made?

I shall charitably suppose that some infamous calumniator has belied me to you.

If the venerable elder brother charitably complies, the matter ends with: "Thanks, brother!"