Charms [noun]

Definition of Charms:

enchantment, allure

Synonyms of Charms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Charms:

Sentence/Example of Charms:

I replied that it was; then, having heard quite enough for one day of the charms of Ethne's fiancé, I took my leave.

The truth is, the modern "problematische Natur" has no charms for a transparent and simple temperament like his.

I hope having a younger sister, and outgrowing baby charms may be salutary.

He was captivated by her genius and the charms of her conversation, and, above all, by her profound admiration of himself.

I in these speculations will consumeMy idleness; because the truth, when known,Though sad, has yet its charms.

They always muttered such lines as charms when they went out to hunt.

It is long since I have been able to go out among the beautiful scenery here, to enjoy the charms of nature.

As true innocence charms, so the trickery of pretended innocence disgusts and displeases.

Before Fleetfoot went, Greybeard instructed him in the use of prayers and charms.

Now the charms of gold, Spells of pride and fashion, Bid them say good morrow To the best-loved maid.