Charpoy [noun]

Definition of Charpoy:

small folding bed

Synonyms of Charpoy:


Opposite/Antonyms of Charpoy:


Sentence/Example of Charpoy:

But writhe as he liked, his darting glances always painfully returned to the still victim on the charpoy.

Other herdsmen and villagers ran up, and a charpoy was sent for and the man brought into the village.

I lay down on the charpoy, peering through my leafy screen at the dead hind.

Having given my orders, I slept in the local police station on a charpoy lent me by the havildar, or sergeant, in charge.

The same evening a man was brought on a charpoy suffering great pain from a strangulated hernia.

He said he had seen a man take a charpoy—a bedstead—balance it on one leg on the tip of his tongue, and then dance!

The cotton wool mattress was laid on the earth-beaten floor: it was warmer than a charpoy—but harder.

Here my tent was pitched, and with a feeling of restful security I sat upon my charpoy and enjoyed the cool of the evening.

They pulled out a charpoy from one of the tents for me to sit on, and tea was brought—why, I dont know.

Making room for him on the charpoy on which he was seated, Yar Mahomed laughingly remarked, Dont be angry with me.