Chartered [verb]

Definition of Chartered:

reserve, commission

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Sentence/Example of Chartered:

He chartered an outside car, t'other day, at Island Bridge Barrack, and drove to the post-office.

The notion was simply that of a chartered bank established upon a novel basis and financing upon an original principle.

To my surprise, they told me that our Embassy in Berlin had chartered a special train and they were to be off in the morning.

Mackinnon's association, whose object A chartered company formed.

The whole efforts of their members were concentrated on the vain endeavour to restrict trade to the chartered towns.

It employed three people and enlarged its chartered rights to perform many services in the little community.

These were afterwards joined by agents of the Chartered Company which exploited the pearl fisheries of the Mosquito coast.

Among these was the Newport Artillery, which was chartered in 1741, and is still one of the best disciplined corps in the State.

Ten days later, indeed, Monsieur Pickard sailed in the brig that he had chartered.

Fact is that opposition chartered every available traction-engine to bring up rural electorate.