Charts [noun]

Definition of Charts:

map, plan

Synonyms of Charts:

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Sentence/Example of Charts:

It was seen in the latitude and longitude of an island visited by Drake, marked in the old charts.

I think he will come through the Thoroughfare at this eastern end of Grand Island, which he must have studied out on the charts.

The place off which we anchored on the night of Tuesday, September 12th, was marked on the charts as Schapan.

Craney came one day with a bundle of charts, and he collected me and Kamelillo in a corner and spread his charts on the deck.

In sea charts and Manuals of Geography it is often marked 76° 50′.

The machine scans the patterns of the mind, translates what it sees into charts and sine waves.

There was also a large portfolio with plans of the cabins and pavilion and rough charts and diagrams of the locality.

The charts had been made in that far future which the battle wagon had quitted forever and they revealed nothing about this sea.

In this connection she puts up posters and prepares charts for the school children.

How well he performed that service, the charts he has published afford sufficient testimony.