Charwoman [noun]

Definition of Charwoman:

female who performs housework

Synonyms of Charwoman:

Opposite/Antonyms of Charwoman:


Sentence/Example of Charwoman:

No woman, not even a charwoman, should be allowed to use the posting privilege, unless she has a reference.

When the carriage was gone they ascended the stairs to wash their hands, the charwoman showing the way.

When Pritchard the charwoman came, he asked her if she had been taking the curtain out of the tub, and she said No.

She would be called in England a charwoman, but in this America of the vast mongrel heterogenesis she is an unclassified laborer.

Charwoman agrees with me that it is disgraceful—especially the locking up of the larder.

She borrows of every one, even the masseuse and the charwoman, my dear, its quite awful!

She had not been told that the charwoman was in prison for assaulting a policeman with a gin bottle.

She was blacker than any charwoman, she said with grim humour.

Had she been a charwoman, he would have kissed her cheeks white.

She used to go out as a charwoman, but would be very glad to enter into the gentlemen's service.