Chased [verb]

Definition of Chased:

run after, pursue

Synonyms of Chased:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chased:

Sentence/Example of Chased:

The hump-backed little figure with poke-bonnet and cane was chased out upon the broken landing.

Of young negresses, headed up in casks and thrown overboard, when the ships are chased.

Away ran the boy, and Mr. Marble chased him some half a dozen rods, and gave him about as many blows with the cart whip.

He walked around in his lordly way, cocking his eye at his little yellow sons and daughters as they chased the fat little bugs.

For three days after that Mark rode without an adventure, but on the fourth day he was chased by a squad of Federal cavalry.

Harry was dismayed at his sister's condition, but the injustice of the wholesale reproach chased away contrition.

Maltby and Butler chased John Burke and his rabble up and down the country, but could never come up with them.

De Yankees chased dem to de bridge an' dey done some fightin' an' one or two of Wheeler's men wuz killed an' de rest got away.

And Chicot perceived, by the feeble light of the lamp, a silver gilt box, richly chased.

For three hours the three big frigates hotly chased the Constitution and Levant, but let the Cyane go.